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Since 1979, Old-Style Safaris in the Grand Style & Spirit of a Bygone Era


If you go to Africa without sleeping in a tent and walking in game country, you have been on vacation, but not on safari

I have been involved with African safaris since 1979; as a safari outfitter, a professional guide and a consultant to the travel industry. East Africa was once my home and I have traveled extensively throughout sub-Saharan Africa and on all seven continents.

Born an Englishman and educated in the elite British boarding school and university system, I have always believed in the virtues of honesty, personal good service and professionalism. At Safari Consultants of London, our attitude and approach reflects these timeless values.

Your inquiry is handled by a specialist whose expertise and knowledge of Africa and the safari world is unsurpassed. Our experience "out in the bush" ensures that there are few areas of Africa that we have not already thoroughly scouted for your comfort, safety and enjoyment while on safari.

At a time when African travel is in vogue, it is distressing to discover that many so-called safaris are really cheap minivan marathons around the most-touristed game parks.By contrast, our authentic old-style safaris of quality are conducted in the grand style and spirit of a bygone era, organized and outfitted with care and attention to detail and offering personalized arrangements. This is the way safaris always used to be.

As safari consultants, we are proud to be keeping alive the traditional values of personalized attention, individually designed arrangements of quality, exciting and original safari itineraries, very comfortable accommodations of character, stylish travel, the warmest hospitality and the finest wildlife guidance.

There are many ways to see Africa and yet only the privileged few will know her heart and soul, marveling at mysteries that cannot be explained and delighting in the spirit of the wild. I look forward to welcoming you to our Africa.

Andrew Fentiman



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