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To assist you further, we need information about your interests, requirements and price range. Remember that we do not offer $ 4,000 minivan tours or backpacker camping jaunts.

Here are some of the things that we need to know when we discuss your trip with you. Please feel free to print this page for your notes. 

1. Have you been to Africa before (if so, where,
when and what did you do)?
2. Do you have a particular country in mind (if
so, which one and why)?
3. Do you know what type of safari you want
(mobile tented, lodges of character, adventure, a
flying safari or a driving safari, safari plus
beach, etc.)?
4. How many days in total can you be away from
5. When do you prefer to travel (exact dates, or
a general time frame)?
6. What are your interests (wildlife, cultures,
walking, birds, honeymoon, etc.)?
7. Are you traveling alone (or) How many people
will be traveling?
8. Are any of these participants children (if so,
how old are they)?
9. How much do you plan to spend, per person, for
the safari and also for the international flights?
10. Where and when was your last foreign trip and
how much did you spend (per person, not including

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